Warehouse PAC

Warehouse PAC

Project Y Theatre

Mission and History
OUR MISSION: To create high-quality theatre in an intimate environment that inspires comm/unity with empathy, emotion, reflection, and conversation. We believe that empathy and shared experiences create grounds for respect, tolerance, and humanity within a community. Warehouse PAC aims to fine-tune a theatrical experience where audiences witness actors/artists inside plays more intimately than most playhouses, and thus with greater empathic and shared impact. To that end, we adopt these values:

Artistic Excellence
We must empower our artists to strive for their finest work since their visibility and vulnerability within our intimate space is heightened. Creating a rehearsal process of support, freedom, and trust is vital, as are growing our opportunities for artists’ continuing education.

Theatrical Diversity
We believe that theatre is a powerful art form for exploring ourselves and our humanity. We strive to select plays and stories that represent the wide range of human experiences in order to foster awareness, tolerance, and visibility.

Audience Outreach
We believe that our local theatre artists should be empowered as “professionals in the field,” and, as such, their voices should determine the work we produce. We must continue to challenge our audiences and create dramaturgical materials that foster communication and knowledge about the works we do and why. Radical Hospitality We are committed to creating the most positive experience possible for our audience. Our intimate space establishes a unique “living room” vibe which we continually nurture and protect so that our audiences feel safe, comfortable and open.

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