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The mission of the Hippodrome is to explore the truth of the human experience and the human spirit through the examination and presentation of dramatic work. Our purpose is to accomplish this through our commitment to the following goals:

  • To create an artistic home.
  • To nurture a strong company of actors, directors, designers, technicians and administrators.
  • To provide an environment that helps us understand our past, accept our present and work toward positive change for our future.
  • To attempt to continuously rediscover the dynamic quality of the theatrical process, encouraging experimentation.
  • To awaken new ideas, stimulate change and encourage dreams.
  • To nurture collaboration and individual creativity.
  • To explore new works and new forms.
  • To inspire and challenge artists and audiences.
  • To provide a training and a proving ground for future theatre professionals.
  • To enrich our community and our world through the art of theatre.

Our creative focus, the work that we produce, the programs that we develop and the spirit our company resonate with this artistic vision while reflecting a sincere search for new audiences and new vital theatrical voices.

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