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Teatro Luna

About Teatro Luna

Teatro Luna collaboratively and organically creates original theatrical performances, digital media, and culture changing, action-driven encounters around the world that are responsive, empowering, and drive social change and transformation.

We are a home for WOC + Latinx artists, allies, organizers, teatristas, scholars, makers, agitators, creatives, dreamers, thinkers, and intersectional feminists who believe in the power of social justice theatre to change the world, one story, experience, collaboration, and encounter at a time.

We are a traveling, often virtually assembled, national cohort of artist-leaders and strategists working together to incubate and grow regional ensembles: #TeatroLunaWest, in Los Angeles and #TeatroLunaChicago

Each site is dedicated to fostering bold and brave spaces for Womxn of Color and Latinxs where risk is the only currency that matters and failure is a sought-after milestone of the artistic process.

These two regional ensembles are related in mission and practice but are focused on answering the regional needs and differences, each responsible for their own aesthetic journey and programming.

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