Source Material

Source Material

About Source Material

Source Material is an art collective.

We create live performances, theatre, installations, film, and music.

We create work that deepens one’s relationship to their intuition; acknowledging that powerful storytelling is elicited in the minds and hearts of the public. Our works are offerings of collective intimacy; excavating the deep truths and great stories of our communities.

We offer workshops in diverse pedagogies, and revel in cross cultural art making, with collective members spanning several countries. Our work is wide ranging and interdisciplinary.

We foster and support artists whose work may fall outside of the lines of what most artistic institutions are supporting; questioning what it means to make art that is non-linear or avant garde.

We are feminists.
We work as a collective to address oppressive heirarchical systems society has placed on us as human beings, and are on a path of self inquiry about how to dismantle the abuse of power.

We always aim to produce work that is ferociously honest and open hearted.

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