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Rapid Lemon Productions

About Rapid Lemon Productions

We are committed to developing theater art and artists, with particular focus on new writing. We believe in expanding our reach—in the thrill of the untried—in challenging ourselves, each other, and our audiences in the most amazingly rewarding ways we can devise together.

Our mission and values encompass both product and process. More important than either of those, however, are the people who take part in what we do: our fellow artists and craftspeople, our audiences, and our business partners are what enable us to create together. Without people there can be no process and no product.

As a company we are committed to collaboration in a positive environment. We embrace people as individuals, each with unique talents, energies, and perspectives. We hold each other to high standards, regarding not only the quality of our work but also the quality of our interactions.

Our company does not—and shall not—tolerate abuse, bullying, harassment, bigotry, or any other form of fundamental disrespect among people. Sexual harassment or intimidation, violent actions or threats, and abusive behavior of any kind are all grounds for immediate removal of any person associated with Rapid Lemon Productions and its projects.


To promote growth in theater arts by developing and presenting new works by local artists

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