About PETE

PETE is a company of artists who make new plays in a collaborative way. We train together and teach our work. We are committed to creative rigor, to the enrichment of our local arts ecology, and to connecting with diverse audiences. We challenge established notions of theatrical form and content with innovative practice, presentation and organization. We strive to achieve a radical kind of presence shared with audiences in the performance event.

We pay attention and ask questions. PETE asks questions about our specific time and place, about history, about the intrinsic stuff of being human. The answers are in experience. The truth exists in the spaces between. Our work exists between the ancient and the new. Between the body and technology. Making performance helps us comprehend ourselves and the world, helps us know the way life lives. We are passionate and compassionate and we think this will be so contagious that it spreads.

We value relationships. This is an issue of our time. We value relationships between ideas, between artists and between artists and audience. We allow the world to be complex. We make things larger, not smaller. We allow for confusion and patience.

Theatre is about ways to be together. We are conscious of the ways we treat each other. We allow one another to be dangerous, as a show of the greatest respect. We are demanding of our audience. We listen to them, see and feel them. We offer them adventure. We invite them to lean into the performance event, so we can make new meaning together and share an experience of being truly alive in the present moment.


To propose new ways of being through creative inquiry and performance.


A life of unfolding experience in which multiplicity and complexity are recognized, valued and artfully expressed in community.

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