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Independent, intercultural, entertaining, and uncensored, Mosaic Theater Company is committed to making transformational, socially-relevant art, to producing plays by authors on the front lines of conflict zones, and to building a fusion community to address some of the most pressing issues of our times. Dedicated to making our theater a model of diversity and inclusion at every strata, on stage and off, Mosaic invests in the new as we keep abreast of our changing and challenging times to ensure that our theater is a responsive gathering space, all the while nurturing and producing art of the highest order. We complement our productions with comprehensive engagement through free pre- and post-show programming, an annual intercultural festival, like our “Voices From a Changing Middle East” series, and educational initiatives, including our touring “Mosaic on the Move.” We strive to foster a culture of listening and welcoming, embracing complexity and a multi-focal perspective. Our plays speak truth to power and to the private parts of our soul. In short, we make art with a purpose and strive for impact.


Mosaic is, first and foremost, a team of working theater artists and highly devoted professionals committed to producing art of the highest order. Our art is bold, creative, expressive, and uncensored. We produce art to be transformational, thought-provoking, and socially relevant to both contemporary issues and to the legacy of historical issues that remain at the intersection of conflict and society. Our commitment to open dialogue and free speech is paramount.

We believe in dignity and respect for the individual and live in an environment that encourages dialogue, heterogeneity of thought and opinion and a place where people are invited into conversations about history, politics, and society from a multiplicity of perspectives, leading to the synthesizing of often oppositional narratives.

We strive to “walk the talk” in all that we do to ensure authenticity of messaging and consistency of efforts in providing platforms for truly transformational dialogue around important issues. We cultivate safeguards to ensure that civic discourse and public conversation take place in comfortable yet sometimes challenging, respectful, well-informed settings. We reflect the community we serve.

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