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Founded in 1989, Ma-Yi Theater Company is an Award-winning not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose primary mission is to develop and produce new and innovative plays by Asian American writers. Since its founding, Ma-Yi has distinguished itself as one of the country’s leading incubators of new work shaping the national discourse about what it means to be Asian American today.

  • We provide a home for generative artists to take big innovative risks as they hone individual and collective skills.
  • We encourage our artists to stake new creative territories by pushing Asian American Theater beyond easily identifiable markers.
  • We challenge popular prescriptions of what culturally specific theater should be by producing challenging, forward-thinking plays written by today’s most exciting playwrights.
  • We aspire to be exemplars of how theater can be an active local partner to our diverse communities, while participating in larger, global conversations about our roles as artists/citizens.
  • We are guided by knowing WHY and for WHOM we create.

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