Frequently Asked Questions

Why should theatres join the JUBILEE?

If you believe that inequity is a problem in our theatres, and in our country, the JUBILEE is an opportunity to participate in a mass movement for change. We challenge the entire U.S. theatre community--professional, community, university, and high school theatres--to take responsibility for our contribution to nationwide inequity and address it through a year of innovative programming.

Why do this for only one year?

We have to start somewhere. The JUBILEE is a tool that will:

  • Enable producers and audiences to know and adore more great playwrights, directors, designers, and theatre artists who have been traditionally marginalized.
  • Disperse stories that reflect our country throughout our nation’s theatres.
  • Disrupt patterns of inequity that have become habitual.

We hope that the JUBILEE year creates many new relationships and charts a new course for theatre in the U.S. We expect this work to continue well into the future.

Does all of my theatre's work in the 2020/2021 season need to center traditionally marginalized voices, perspectives, and stories?

That would be amazing!

Many theatres have gone "Full JUBILEE," pledging that 100% of their 2020/2021 season will center voices, perspectives, and stories previously marginalized within their current dominant framework. 

Other theatres go "Partial JUBILEE," pledging to be part of the solution but not committing to the full season. This level of JUBILEE participation means you craft your own Innovation Pledge, specifying your specific commitment during 2020/20201.

The JUBILEE asks only that you examine what voices are marginalized within your institution’s dominant framework, and pledge concrete innovation in the year 2020/2021.

How do I pledge or craft my own?

Right here! As you can see there’s no one answer, JUBILEE Pledges are as varied as the theatres and communities they serve.

You know not every theatre is going to do this, right?

The failure of one or many to join the JUBILEE will not diminish our impact. We hope that everyone who agrees that there’s a problem, will join us in being part of the solution! The theatres that do join will collectively celebrate the unprecedented inclusion of marginalized voices on stages across the U.S.

What if I sign up to join the JUBILEE, but fail to live up to my pledge?

Your pledge is between you and your community! The Committee of the JUBILEE will not police the activities of any participating entity. This is a celebration, a year-long flashmob, a communal action for social change. It’s not a law or a contest; we have no interest in pointing fingers, comparing, or shaming. We hope all participants will work to manifest a diverse, inclusive, and intersectional vision of their 2020/2021 seasons to their fullest degree. If a participant has trouble fulfilling their pledge, we hope that they will reach out to us for support. But the only attention that the Committee of the JUBILEE will generate before, during, or after the JUBILEE year is positive attention.

Can Universities sign on for the JUBILEE?

Absolutely. Universities, high schools, really any theatre in the U.S.

How can I participate if I am not a part of a theatre institution?

Sign the pledge for individuals in support of the JUBILEE! Individuals can advocate for JUBILEE theatres in their community! Individuals can support the JUBILEE on social media! Individuals can join the organizing Committee of the JUBILEE! So much to be excited about for individuals interested in pledging support for the JUBILEE.

What about the theatres that have been doing this work for decades?

They are our inspirations and leaders in this movement. They are what we call our "Cultural Architects." We thank them for leading the way, and encourage everyone to publicly express their gratitude and support of these institutions. More coming soon about how you can nominate an organization or individual to be a Cultural Architect.

What if I have a question that has not been answered in these FAQs?

Email us at, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!