About DalekoArts

Our Mission

DalekoArts (DELL-uh-koh), an ensemble theatre company, works with professional artists to pursue impactful, live performance in our community of New Prague, Minnesota and the surrounding region.

Core Values:

  • We believe in fostering a strong and deep connection with our community.
  • We believe that theatre can cultivate dialogue, honor culture and diverse ways of being, and further empathy.
  • We train and work under a great and spirited legacy: the rich heritage of Midwestern artists.
  • We pursue Excellence.
  • We hire artists who live with grace, kindness, and respect from the audition room through the final performance.
  • We prioritize people over materials.
  • We believe in ensemble work; that a group of people working together over and over makes the work stronger and more nuanced.
  • We welcome all people.

Our Vision:

Our purpose is to decentralize professional theatre in Minnesota by increasing engagement and opportunity in New Prague and the surrounding area. It is our dream that New Prague will be a known destination for quality performing arts and arts education.

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