Cultural Architects

“You are reimagining what life can look like. You’re reimagining what life can be. Through your gift, through you art, through your touch, you help people see what they may not have been able to see. You help people become what they believe about themselves. You help people be the change they want to see. That is what you do and what a tremendous calling, to be a cultural architect. What a powerful calling to be the person who inspires generations to reimagine their lives and see themselves differently.”
— Pastor Mike Walrond, FCBC

The JUBILEE defines cultural architects as organizations or individuals that have been producing work of historically marginalized voices for 20-years or more. To nominate a company or person as a cultural architect, follow this link to the nomination form or click the button below.

Note: cultural architects do not have to be current JUBILEE participants or join the JUBILEE to be honored, celebrated, and uplifted.


(in order of posting as of Sept 4, 2019)