Adventure Theatre & ATMTC Academy

Adventure Theatre & ATMTC Academy

About Adventure Theatre & ATMTC Academy

Adventure Theatre (founded in 1951) and Musical Theater Center (founded in 1986) merged into one organization in 2012.  The combined entity is called Adventure Theatre MTC.  Located in Glen Echo Park (Glen Echo, MD) and The Wintergreen Plaza (Rockville, MD), Adventure Theatre MTC (ATMTC) educates and inspires new generations of theater artists and audiences with exceptional theatrical experiences.

The ATMTC Academy offerings complement the National & State Fine Arts Standards of Learning, providing a challenging outlet for students to develop the skills necessary to be successful performers – including self-discipline, teamwork, problem solving, and self-confidence.


ATMTC believes in the power of theater to transform young people’s lives.  A child’s involvement in the theater is linked to:

Higher academic performance
Increased involvement with school programs
Lower dropout rates
Increased community service involvement
Increased self-esteem; and
Positive group relationships.

Programming Reach: approx. 75,000 children, parents, and teachers annually
School-Aged Audience: approx. 66,000 students and teachers annually
Artists: approx. 200 annually
Academy: over 3,000 registrations annually
Outreach Programs: approx. 30,000 students and educators reached through drama workshops, residencies, touring productions and off-site classes annually.

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