Ally Theatre Company

Ally Theatre Company

Ally Theatre Company

Ally Theatre Company produces theatre designed to engage audiences through acknowledging and confronting systemic oppression in America. We aim to join the vital conversations -- sparked by generations of thinkers, writers, performers, and activists who paved the way before us -- conversations that continue each and every day -- by:

-Placing underrepresented populations at the front and center of our narratives and our organization;

-Forming alliances with individuals and organizations who share a similar mission;

-Producing new theatrical works making their world, national, or local premieres; and

-Tackling existing theatrical works that forward the conversation.

‚ÄčIn doing so, we hope to play a small part in creating the space and opportunity needed to form new traditions and conversations, while steadily inching toward the eradication of systemic violence, prejudice, and racism in our society.

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